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Mexican Citizens Clash With Migrant Caravan in Tijuana

Hundreds of Mexican residents waving flags clashed with members of the migrant caravan in Tijuana, demanding that they leave.

“Pushing, shoving, kicking and a couple of blows broke out between masses of residents and migrants,” reports the Palm Springs Desert Sun, adding that, “After midnight, residents assaulted journalists, injuring at least three, according to reporters on the scene.”

Footage shows Mexicans chanting songs before attempting to attack some of the migrants.

While the media has denounced Donald Trump and his supporters as racist for opposing the migrant caravan and describing it as an “invasion,” one wonders what their response will be to Mexicans [READ MORE HERE]

Elderly man attacked for carrying Christmas presents in Paris: “This is what we do to disbelievers”

A 60-year-old man has been beaten in Paris in what seems to be a religious hate crime, newspaper Le Parisien reports.

The man had gone shopping for Christmas and was carrying a present wrapped in Christmas gift paper.

As he left the metro Alesia (XIVth arrondissement) with arms loaded and was walking to the Avenue du Maine (XIVth arrondissement) he was ambushed.

A stranger approached him, jostled and slapped him, dropping his glasses on the floor. The attacker then fled and was heard saying: “This is what we do to the disbelievers”.

The elderly man, shocked, went up the Avenue du Maine towards the [READ MORE HERE]

EU Head Juncker Appears Incapable of Dressing Himself

President of EU Commission drunk again? Just look at this old fart, he barely walks, dresses like a moron yet and he’s our “leader” who wants EU armies, endless immigration and other nasty stuff. Look at your leaders people! If this is a “leader” then what the hell VLAD THE IMPALER?

A new video shows EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who has been dogged by rumors that he’s a hardcore alcoholic, wearing different colored shoes during a public event.

The clip shows Juncker interacting with an aide, who appears to notice that one of his shoes is black and the other is [READ MORE HERE]


Lawyer in 'gay' cake fight: Decision 'will impact for years'

When the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court ruled a Christian baker had the right to refuse a customer’s request to promote homosexuality through his work, it produced a sigh of relief for the baker.

But Sam Webster, the in-house solicitor who argued the case for the Christian Institute on behalf of Ashers Bakery, says the ruling will do much more than that.

“Principles from the Ashers case will impact other cases for years to come, not only in goods and services but also in other spheres,” he wrote in an analysis of the case on the institute’s website. “This is good news.

“The phrase ‘landmark [READ MORE HERE]

Trump on caravan: 'This has nothing to do with asylum'

(BREITBART) – President Donald Trump expressed skepticism on Saturday about the conditions of the migrants traveling with caravans through Mexico to get to the United States.

“They’re talking about all their great fear, all their problems with their country, but they’re all waving their country’s flag. What is that all about?” Trump commented about the caravans as he left the White House on Saturday to visit the wildfire devastation in California.

“If they have such fear, such problems, and they hate their country, why do we see all the flags being waved for Guatemala or Honduras or El Salvador?”

“This has nothing to [READ MORE HERE]

NRA suing state for infringing 2nd Amendment

Before the 2018 election, WND reported on a ballot initiative in Washington state that would withdraw Second Amendment rights from some adults, require gun buyers to give up their medical privacy and more.

The Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee For The Right to Keep And Bear Arms issued warnings.

But millions of dollars in campaign donations at the time from several anti-gun activists, including Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, swayed voters.

Now the approved initiative, No. 1639, is the subject of a lawsuit against the state.

“While a handful of billionaires spending millions of dollars were able [READ MORE HERE]


The Pittsburgh Synagogue, Anti-Semitism and Trump

All my life I have reminded fellow Jews in America that we are the luckiest Jews to have ever lived in a non-Jewish country. I know what I’m talking about. I wrote a book on anti-Semitism, taught Jewish history at Brooklyn College and fought anti-Semitism since I was 21, when Israel sent me into the Soviet Union to smuggle in Jewish religious items and smuggle out Jewish names.

Even after the massacre of 11 Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue, this assessment remains true.

But the greatest massacre of Jews in American history is a unique American tragedy.

It is a tragedy in part [READ MORE HERE]

What I Learned About Young People While Trying to Buy a Car

This past week, I went to five car dealers in an upper-middle-class suburb of Los Angeles to see what SUV I’d like to lease. I wanted to patronize local car dealers because I want them to stay in business.

In each case, I experienced the following: I was greeted pleasantly upon entering the dealership. A young salesperson asked if he or she could help me. I told the salesperson the model I was interested in. He or she made a copy of my driver’s license and returned with a key to the car, and off we went.

In every instance, the salesperson [READ MORE HERE]

When I First Realized America Is Exceptional

I moved to California from New York City in 1976. The founder of what was then America’s largest Jewish retreat center, the Brandeis Institute (not affiliated with the university), Dr. Shlomo Bardin, asked me to work as his assistant. He was 75 years-old; I was 25. One weekend the next year, he announced to the membership he wanted me to succeed him. To everyone’s shock, he died that very week. It was then renamed the Brandeis-Bardin Institute.

The institute was located in Simi Valley, California, then more a small town than even a small city. It had all of two restaurants. [READ MORE HERE]



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DRAGGED ANCHOR in Little Harbor!

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iPad mini 3 (we use Navionics app [READ MORE HERE]

Emerald Bay – Catalina

Emerald Bay is a beautiful stretch of beach with 100 moorings on the west end of Catalina near Two Harbors. The Boy Scouts of America operates Camp Emerald Bay at Johnsons Landing the main beach on Emerald Bay. Just east of the Johnsons Landing is a wide sandy beach with plenty of room to relax without many people around. This area truly is one of the most beautiful mooring spots on the island because the water is that special turquoise which at times gives you the feeling you are relaxing off of some Caribbean island. It’s a sandy bottom so [READ MORE HERE]

Chemtrail Report

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 17, 2018, #171

DaneWigington The true character of governments is becoming ever more visible as the walls begin to crumble on all sides. The climate engineeringcontinues unabated and unacknowledged. Record drought and record wildfires on the West coast, record flooding and engineered winter in the US East. Will California get rain soon? Only the geoengineers know what [READ MORE HERE]

Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes

DaneWigington Yet again forests in the Western US are incinerating as the US east coast is anomalously wet and cool. All official sources are blaming the rapidly increasing extreme and deadly wildfire behavior on global warming alone, but is that the full truth? What factors are “official sources” not informing us of in regard [READ MORE HERE]

Governor Newsom, Geoengineering And Unprecedented Wildfires

DaneWigington Newly elected California governor Gavin Newsomhas had to declare stateof emergency due to the latest unprecedentedfirestorms. Will Newsomdisclose the climate engineering factor that is fueling the firestorms? For the record,Governor Gavin Newsomwas fully briefed on climateengineering facts nearly 5 years ago, and has done nothing (explanation further down in this article). California is [READ MORE HERE]

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 27, 2018, #168

DaneWigington The power structure's effort to shield the US population from unfolding global realitiesfor as long as possibleis relentless. Though the level of biosphere implosion that has already occurred should have long ago pushed populations into a state of panic, mainstream narratives of pacification and distraction have so far kept the herd calm. The [READ MORE HERE]

Alternate News

Black Lives Matter Hate Group Attempts To Disrupt ‘Nights Of Lights’ Holiday Festival In Saint Augustine, Florida And Fails Wonderfully

In a Deep South crowd of over 10,000 people, with more pickup trucks and people with concealed carry than you could shake a stick at, not one person reacted at all.

For the past 25 years, Saint Augustine in Florida has held their annual ‘Nights Of Lights‘ tree lighting festival that has grown so large National Geographic has named it as one of the top 10 holiday lights festivals in the world . And for the second year in a row, it has become the target of malicious hate group, Black Lives Matter.

Since 2011, we have been blessed to live in [READ MORE HERE]

SNOWFLAKE ALERT: Progressive Liberal Run New York And New Jersey Plunged Into Mind-Numbing Chaos After Receiving Only 6 Inches Of Snow!

Drivers were trapped on gridlocked, snowy roads for hours. Middle schoolers in New Jersey had to spend the night at school. The upper level of the George Washington Bridge — one of the busiest bridges in the world — came to a standstill with drivers abandoning their cars.

I was born and raised in New Jersey, and have experienced a whole lot of winters there. When I was in Catholic high school, which was not close to my house, I took the bus every day. How well I remember praying for a foot of snow in the winter so the schools [READ MORE HERE]

CAUGHT IN PROVIDENCE: Is 80-Year Old Frank Caprio The Most Compassionate Municipal Court Judge In America?

An 80-year-old judge is an unlikely viral video sensation, but somehow Municipal Court Judge Frank Caprio has been winning hearts and clicks on Facebook with a mix of compassion, humor and a rotating cast of the poor souls who have been ticketed in the city of Providence.

For anyone who has ever spent time in municipal court for a traffic violation or various other charges that can be issued, you know it can be a long and tedious process. Many times a judgment is handed down that, while sticking to the letter of the law, seems to be served without a [READ MORE HERE]

The Time That Pope Francis In St. Peter’s Square At The Vatican Declared To The Entire World That Lucifer Is The God Of The Catholic Church

The highlight of the ceremony was the singing of a Catholic prayer known as ‘The Exsultet’, or ‘Easter Proclamation’. The problem starts in the wording of the prayer itself.

On April 27th, 2014, Pope Francis held a ceremony in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican to induct two former popes into sainthood. Catholic sainthood ceremonies are fairly standard procedures, and happen quite often. But on this particular occasion, Pope Francis wanted it broadcast around the world in 3D, HF and 3K.

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst [READ MORE HERE]

Residents Of Southern Israel Go On Strike To Protest Premature Ceasefire With Hamas, Demand A Real Resolution To Incoming Rocket Attacks

This time, upon hearing the news of another fragile ceasefire with Hamas – the latest in a long series of such ceasefires – southern residents swiftly rallied to express their anger and frustration. They are no longer prepared to be frayerim, the Hebrew word for ‘suckers’.

The residents of southern Israel, in areas like Be’er Sheva, Eshkol and Ashdod, have started a public protest to let the Israeli government known of their great dissatisfaction in how they handled the latest round of rocket attacks from Palestinian terror group Hamas.

They are charging their government with letting Hamas off the hook after firing over [READ MORE HERE]

Judge Orders Trump Administration To Temporarily Reinstate Fake News CNN Reporter Jim Acosta’s White House Press Pass

A federal judge on Friday granted CNN’s request for a court order that would temporarily reinstate network correspondent Jim Acosta’s White House press pass, which had been suspended indefinitely in the wake of a fiery exchange between the reporter and President Donald Trump a week earlier.

Fake news agitator Jim Acosta has been given his White House press pass back to him on a temporary basis as the lawsuit works its way through the court system. This is a great win for fake news CNN in their bid to surpass the Cartoon Network in the Nielsen Ratings. Yay, CNN!!

Judge orders [READ MORE HERE]

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