A Scotch Drinker’s Scotch

I’ve been a connoisseur of good Scotch for many years now.  I’ve been drinking Scotch almost exclusively since my early 20’s and that is, well, some time ago.  I’ve sampled most of the really great Scotches and in my later years, I settled on Glenfiddich 30 as one of my all-time favorites.  I have to say that in the last year, I have made a discovery that surprised me.

Normally around $28/on sale for $14

About a year ago we were out shopping and decided it was time to pick up a bottle of Scotch.  In looking around, I found a few that I liked, but then happened upon a brand that I had not tried.  Old Smuggler.  It was reasonably priced, so I thought I would give it a try.  I could always wash away any bad taste with a glass of the good stuff if I didn’t like it, and not have wasted a lot of cash.

I wasn’t really expecting much, as it comes in a plastic bottle, for goodness sake.  I’ve never found a good liquor that came in a plastic bottle, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me.  I opened it up, poured a few fingers over some ice, and took a sip.  I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised, as was my wife.  I was really good!

Not just “wow, this is pretty good for the price” good, but really, really good.  The first thing I noticed was a faint sweetness with almost a caramel flavor.  The next thing that struck me was a slight smokey flavor.  I remember thinking “okay, wait for the bite, that after taste that will spoil this”, but to my delight, there was no after taste or bite, just good flavor.  Another first, as it seems anything that comes in a plastic bottle will have the after taste of kerosene somewhere in it, but not Old Smuggler.

Since our discovery we have almost always had a bottle of Old Smuggler in the cabinet.  It has become our favorite Scotch.  I would urge anyone that enjoys Scotch to give it a try.  Even if you don’t particularly like Scotch, this one may change your mind!

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