Want a Great Burger? Try Charlie’s Best Burger!

Today while we were traveling around town taking care of errands, we found ourselves in the middle of having our car repaired during lunch.  Being limited in our choices for lunch, we looked around for a place to eat and noticed that some guy named Charlie had opened a hamburger place across from where we were, so we decided to check it out.  To our surprise it was a really and well-kept restaurant – “Charlie’s Best Burger”.  For those of you outside southern California, sorry, this place is in Santa Ana, California at 140 S Grand Ave.

Charlie has no website for  his restaurant, and so we don’t know a lot about him, other than the fact that he and his wife are there working every day.  They also have around five or so employees that cook, clean and attend to the tables.  And clean they do.  The place is practically immaculate and the people are super friendly.  I don’t know if they are so nice because the owner is working along side them, or because of the general atmosphere of the place, but I suspect it is mostly the latter.  The restaurant has an atmosphere that seems really friendly and upbeat.  You can tell it is owned by someone that really has his heart in the business.  And for a hamburger restaurant to open up only about six months ago in this economy, you might think it crazy, but you would be wrong.  This place was packed, and for good reason.

I ordered the chili cheese burger combo platter with iced tea.  After ordering we were given a number to sit on the table and the food was to be brought out to us.  Within a minute of seating ourselves, one of the attendants brought us complementary chips and salsa.  Both were good and kept us busy until our food arrived.  Our order came only a few minutes later!

The burger was cooked just about right, the chili was wonderful, and there was just enough lettuce and tomato on the burger to add taste but not over done.  On a one to 10 scale I would have to give the burger a nine, but that is only because a 10 is reserved for my home-made burgers.  The fries were plentiful, very plentiful, and they were the thick fries.  The iced tea was fresh and had a good taste, too.

All and all it was a great experience.  The place is really clean and new, the food was excellent, and the people are the nicest I have encountered at any restaurant, let alone a burger restaurant.  The wife and I had a great lunch and have definitely found a new favorite place to go to lunch!  I would recommend Charlie’s Best Burger to anyone and everyone that is looking for a great, fast, lunch at a clean and friendly restaurant.  If you’re in the area, check it out!

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