Rachel Rose Hartman News Article Accuses Tea Party of Wishing Death

In a news report, and I hesitate to call it news, a Yahoo! News article written by Rachel Rose Hartman accused Tea Party members of yelling out in support of allowing people to die that do not have health care.  How this “news” was allowed to be printed and why Yahoo! inserted it in the top news section is beyond me, but there it is.

In watching the video of the debate that this moron “reporter” is referring to, it is obvious that no one was yelling in support of allowing others to die, but in support of Ron Paul’s response that people should be responsible for themselves. Also note that there is no way of knowing who is yelling or what their party affiliation is.

When an irresponsible moron of a reporter blatantly disregards the facts of a situation in order to further their agenda, it is malpractice and they should be fired for it.

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