Sovereign Citizen and Law Enforcement

In the video below, law enforcement officers attempt to label a few extremist murderers as being “soverign citizens”.  They then attempt to broaden the stroke of their propaganda brush by including some of the past transgressions of law enforcement – Ruby Ridge and Waco.  No matter what you thought of those two tragedies, when you actually research what happened through eyewitness reports and the news video of the day, you see that law enforcement overstepped its authority and murdered innocent individuals that were doing no harm and not breaking the law.

Law enforcement appears to be crazy and “out there” in their beliefs. The terrorists appear to be in Washington D.C. and law enforcement, and not the citizens that wish to follow the Constitution and be left alone.  There was a time when law enforcement was there to protect and serve, but now they are there for their namesake – enforcing their laws, many of which circumvent the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Welcome to Fascist America.

Just because a group of people does not buy in to the “party line” that we should give the Federal Government our payroll taxes, they want to call those citizens by all sorts of names.  They have now attempted to bastardize the term “sovereign citizen” and turn it into something evil.  They pull out a few videos of murderers and play them over and over to scare others and label good people. That is the real terrorism.  Sensationalizing against the opposing view in an attempt to use public opinion to further their agenda.  Their agenda to silence the opposing view and perpetuate the existence of the law enforcement power base.  It’s all about power and tax dollars, and Heaven forbid anyone disagree and actually follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

In this propaganda video, we see different law enforcement officers speaking as if they are experts in the laws of the land.  Don’t believe what they say, but go research the laws for yourself.  If you listen to any one source, then you are prone to being mislead.  There are law libraries in all the major cities, and a lot of the small towns, too.  When you research the different laws that govern us, you will find that law enforcement, as a whole, has disregarded the citizens in favor of their power structure, and has whittled away at our rights.


Any true sovereign citizen is compelled to recognize the rights of the next man, and they will not be violent or break laws.  A truly sovereign citizen may also be a Christian, which would prohibit them from harming anyone in any way.  The propaganda in the included video is an indication of intent and an indictment of our enforcement system.

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