Our Country Divided

In following the recent events in New York, Wall Street, there have been so many ideals that come to mind.  How our country began, what our forefathers intended, how far we have come, or gone in the wrong direction.  What I see with Occupy Wall Street is both exciting and depressing.

On one hand I see a group of young people involved and energized against a repressive regime.  Young people that are looking for a better life, and finding that the corruption that has eaten away and taken over our government has made any hopes or dreams disappear.  A government that is designed to enslave its citizens to perpetuate its own existence, but at the expense of everyone else.  The awakening of these young people is a wonderful thing, indeed, but there are pitfalls ahead.

These young people should not turn to any one person for their ideals.  There are far too many out there that would use this movement for their own political or financial gain, and to the detriment of the movement.  There are shills everywhere that would come into movements like this and contaminate the purity and goodness, and dirty the outcome.

Only this morning on a live feed from the streets of Occupy Wall Street I watched as someone named Chris Hedges was interviewed.  At first I had no idea who this person was, and so had no preconceived notions about his intentions or background.  He sounded very intelligent at first, talking about the corruption in government, and how he backed the Occupy Wall Street movement, but shortly into the interview he started naming groups and spouting “party line” political statements that we hear on all the tired old media outlets.  He started to sound all-too familiar, indeed.

It seems that, after doing a bit of research on Chris Hedges, he is an old-school activist.  He has an agenda that he needs to push forward, and has become so entrenched in his own writing that he has forgotten one main ingredient in a formula for any movement to succeed – open-mindedness, acceptance of others that have a vested interest in the same fight.  In his old-school rhetoric and quest for personal success, he operates by the principles that are typical of what has torn our country apart and allowed the criminal politicians to take over – divide and conquer.

With the rhetoric that I heard this morning, division and an attempt to tear down others that have different beliefs, was the mantra had the familiar ring of the Fox News/NBC/ABC/CBS propaganda.  The same tired rhetoric that has been the downfall of many before us.  If the powers that be can divide us, they will have a much easier time of controlling or defeating us.  It has worked many times over history and is an old formula.

I have no idea if this Chris Hedges intentionally wishes to see the Occupy Wall Street movement fail, or if he is a shill that earns a living infiltrating movements to try to derail them, but I do know that the outcome will be the same.  Eventually the cancers that people like Chris Hedges infects with, will overtake any movement heading towards a positive goal, and cause so much infighting, that any movement this person and people like him are involved with will eventually implode and become impotent and inconsequential.

There is an acronym that comes to mind when I hear shills like this Hedges – TNO, or trust no one.  Don’t listen to the nice-sounding rhetoric, but delve deeper into the message and really think about how it might affect the situation.  A divided movement is meaningless.  Someone that comes into a movement and then begins to insult some of the very groups that are in support of it, is a disease to the movement.  Whether you actually agree with all of the beliefs of one group or another, if your desired result is common, and your enemy the same, then being a united front is the only way to succeed.

While I have continued to use The Daily Digest to support Occupy Wall Street, I will ask those involved to keep a keen eye on the old-time activists on both sides of the spectrum that make a living on pushing their agenda forward, and not yours.  They make a living on the chaos in causing a division and an argument.  They feed their egos on right-fighting, even when they are not right.  Stay vigilant and don’t let these infections destroy what you are trying to build.

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