The Chowder Barge

How could someone describe a restaurant that floats on an old barge, is “rustic”, has a really basic atmosphere, but has some of the best clam chowder that I’ve ever had?  Great!

The Chowder Barge is a restaurant located in Wilmington, California that is within Leeward
Bay Marina.  This part of Wilmington is along a channel where cargo ships load and unload their goods.  Its physical address is 611 North Henry Ford Avenue, and it is really not all that difficult to find.  One of the nice features of this restaurant is that it is accessible via the channel, so you can motor your boat to it for dinner.

The menu is typical of a seafood restaurant, with the fried platters you would expect.  My favorite is the Fisherman’s Platter, and at a

reasonable $14.95 you can’t beat it for the price.  Of all the times we have had dinner there, the quality has been consistent.  They also have a shrimp basket, fried clam basket, fish and chips, and chicken tenders.  All of these are progressively less expensive than the Fisherman’s Platter.  Then you of course have the clam chowder.  Other things on the menu include breakfast, sandwiches, and burgers

Although they do not serve hard liquor, they have beer and wine.  Mostly basic wine, but they do have Samuel Adams beer.  Nothing nicer than to sit outside, sipping a Sam Adams while watching the sun set and listening to the halyards clank against the sailboat masts.

All and all I have really enjoyed eating at the Chowder Barge and would recommend it to anyone in the area.

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