Tommy’s Burgers in Wilmington

A burger joint?

Not just a burger joint, but a burger restaurant.  What a great little place to go if you are in the mood for a big, greasy, tasty burger!

Tommy’s is a small burger restaurant at the corner of Anaheim Street and Broad Avenue in Wilmington, California.  Also known as Original Tommy’s, this little restaurant is always clean, friendly, and has outdoor seating, which is great with the southern California weather. We have eaten at Tommy’s probably five times in the past year and we have always enjoyed it.

Here is an excerpt from their site:

“Tom Koulax founded Tommy’s in 1946. The son of Greek immigrants, Tom engaged in various business ventures before founding the original stand at Beverly Blvd. and Rampart Blvd. in Los Angeles. It took some time before the public discovered his small stand. However, the many long hours of hard work and dedication toward quality and fast service finally paid off. By the mid 1950’s, the little stand gained a reputation like none other for the appetites of Los Angeles burger lovers.

In the 1960’s Tom had to expand his operation to accommodate the growth of his customer base. Soon he had acquired the entire southeast corner, along with a second serving station. By this time, it was apparent the public was hooked.”

And we can see why the public would be “hooked”.



We always get the avocado/bacon burger for the wife and the chili/cheese burger for me, although we trade bites.  We get the platter which includes fries and a drink.  The platters are somewhere around $6 and you get more than you pay for.

The fries

Although the burgers are what we go there for, the fries are a meal unto themselves.  They serve the old-school fries, none of these skinny fries that you get at the other places.  They are always hot and fresh, and they taste great!  Lots of ketchup is needed.


We have always been please with the quality, cleanliness, friendly atmosphere, and value.  You always get more than you pay for and the food is great – some of the best burgers we’ve had.  If you’re in the area, stop by there and give it a try.


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