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This was our favorite sushi restaurant when it was called Sushi Boy and it remained our favorite after it re-opened as Sake 2 Me Sushi.  Initially, it was quiet as not too many customers had discovered it yet but as time went by, it became more popular until one Saturday, we arrived to find that we needed to put our names on a waiting list.

It takes some getting used to as you walk in the door and are greeted loudly with a “Hai!” (or something sounding similar) from all the wait staff and chefs.   Large restaurant, comfortable decor, TV screens with sub-titles, and pleasant background music

Sake2Me Website

Sake2Me Website

provide the comfort within which you will be enjoying your menu selection.

Although this restaurant might not have the absolute best sushi in Southern California, whatever they lack in quality, they make up for it in quantity.  After being seated, you will be presented with a generous bowl of edamame and a free appetizer.  After our orders were taken, we were treated to a chef’s sample of some sashimi consisting of salmon pieces rolled in sesame seed oil and orange salad dressing.  It was divine!

We each ordered the lunch box special, which came with miso soup, salad, and three items from the menu.  I order the 4 pieces of sashimi, 4 pieces of cut California roll, and 4 pieces of sushi and my husband ordered the rp_menu-starters.jpgbeef teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, and mixed tempura.  Neither of us has ever been disappointed, and we usually have to take leftovers home with us.

The price was the best of all:  $20.00 covered everything, including the two servings of tea that we ordered.  The staff was courteous, the food was prompt, and we had no complaints.

It’s not that this is the best sushi restaurant in Orange County.  It’s that if you want sushi for lunch that’s not too expensive, you want to enjoy it, and have it all in under an hour, go here.  You won’t be disappointed.

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