Joe’s Sushi … for the average joe

I arrived at Joe’s Sushi on a Tuesday by their 11:30 opening.  A few people were sitting in their cars in the parking lot, waiting, which I took as a good sign.

The interior of the restaurant was clean, well-maintained,  and well-decorated.  They were playing alternative music (my favorite) at a tolerable level.  There were several T.V. screens showing a baseball game, and since the clientele at this point consisted of men, there was no objection.

I did find it interesting that on the day I chose to come here, the clientele was all male.  It was like it was guy’s day out, but for sushi.  Which was weird.  And the guys mostly looked like average “joes.”  Which was also weird since the place was named “Joe’s Sushi.”  Which was a weird name for a sushi restaurant.

AYCE rules

They didn’t have any specials.  Just an AYCE menu and the regular menu.  They had a lunch box special for $9.99, but nothing appealed to me, so I ordered the Rainbow Roll for $9.99.  It was the smallest cut Rainbow Roll I’ve ever seen.  The fish didn’t even cover the rice completely, and I think they used salmon belly.  But it wasn’t bad.  It tasted like a rainbow roll, although they used minimal avocado.  I would have rather paid a few dollars more and gotten a bigger roll and more avocado.

Rainbow roll

After I finished the small roll, because it wasn’t big enough, I ordered a serving of sushi with salmon to fill the corners.  This was better.  I received three pieces of salmon sushi instead of just two, and the salmon draped the rice ball underneath and kept it well-hidden.  The salmon was perfect.  But then, I love salmon.

Because Joe’s didn’t fill me up with the roll that I first ordered, and because I had to order additional food, I’m subtracting 2 points.  Otherwise, it was an enjoyable place to have lunch.  Joe’s gets 8 stars.

If you’re an average joe, Joe’s is located at  9555 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92503.  (Women are also welcome.)

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