Sushi Ray…A Ray of Sunshine

This little place was found in Hemet, a tiny little town no bigger than your armpit where people don’t know how to drive.  It looks like a place that would be a lot of fun to hang on out in if it was more crowded, but I showed up on a Monday at the moment they re-opened at 5:00 before anyone else arrived. 20140414_172318 “Today’s Special” was the Fire Lobster Roll, a baked spicy lobster roll that comes with actual fire flickering around it as it’s placed in front of you.  One drawback was that although I ordered at 5:05, I didn’t receive the lobster roll for about 20 minutes.  Maybe this is due to the amount of preparation, but it was worth the wait.  I didn’t find any big pieces of lobster, but what I did find was savory, and the sauces drizzled on top were spicy with a fine sprinkling of sesame seeds.  It appears to have been baked, too, as the very top, under the drizzled sauces, was baked to a delicate crunch.  There may have been some bits of spicy salmon on top, as well as a green onion garnish.  It was worth the wait, even if there wasn’t a lick of lobster on it (but I think there was, just not a whole lot). 20140414_172314 The prices were comparable to any other AYCE sushi bar.  For dinner, about $26, and for lunch, about $21.  The special I ordered was $12.95.  They have the usual lunchbox and dinnerbox specials, and a regular menu off which you can order if you decline the AYCE.  They also have a non-sushi menu. A mix of oldies and alternative music playing in the background from a radio station at a tolerable level.  Grey tile floor, red mahogany sushi bar, and blond tables with matching chairs.  Interesting stuff on the walls that looked like it was thrown up to give it Asian ambiance.  A little dirty and like it’s falling apart a bit, but I’m going to call that “atmosphere.”  It wasn’t very fancy, but it looks like a place you might want to go if you don’t want to have to dress up.  The waitress was friendly and prompt. I expected that a small sushi restaurant in Hemet would be a disappointment, but I am giving Sushi Ray 8 stars out of 10 because there was not very much lobster in the lobster roll, and because it wasn’t as good as my favorite sushi restaurant (Sake 2 Me) in Orange County. Sushi Ray is located at 1940 E. Florida Avenue, Hemet, CA  92544, sitting right on the side of the street.  It appears that Monday evening is a good time to stop by since it’s not too crowded.  I might not drive all the way out here from where I live just for the food, but if I found myself in this town again, I would stop by.

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