Chapter One – Is it Still Good?

Although Chapter One still seems to have it’s presence, does it really have it’s soul? Well, not sure, so let’s take a look at what we found coming here after an eight-month absence eight.

We arrived at around seven and had no trouble being seated at the bar – a normally busy part of this extablishment. Once seated we were greeted by two friendly, albeit unfamilar, faces. This, along with a pleasant but loud jazz band, made for an interesting (new) experience. We ordered two Jamisons and a menu to get started.

Upon looking at the menu, we noted that Chapter One no longer offered either of our two favorites – frog legs or the buffalo burger. We had recommended both to friends over the past few years. We were also informed that our favorite bartender, Drew, no longer worked here. Sad…. He was a nice man who really knew his way around the Scotches. Anyway, we ordered the Mac and Cheese, and waited on our order. While we waited we talked to the bartender, who was really polite, and made the experience better.

The Mac and Cheese arrived and looked really great, albeit a very small portion for the six dollars it cost us. We divided the less thana cup between us. Afterwords, we finished our drinks and decided to leave. We had a nice time, but things just weren’t the same.

We may go back from time to time, but saddly Chapter One will no longer be one of our main haunts. When they lost Drew, they lost part of their soul.



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