Dr. Jim Garrow: So Shakespeare Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

So Shakespeare Doesn’t Cut It Anymore:

For decades there was agreement about the merits of studying fine literature from a previous era. Not only was it framed brilliantly but it opened a dialogue for all who studied it into racism, slavery, womens rights, homosexuality, the evils in the Church of the day, Rulers without morals, love, treachery, betrayal, self sacrifice, honor. It had Kings and Queens, Fools and Jokers, Jackels and Asses. There were mind games everywhere, plots within plots, seductresses and satanists, devil worshippers and the contrite followers of ancient and more recent Gods.

An Ontario school bowing to the politically correct beliefs of at least one knumbskull will stop the teaching of the Bard, old William Shakespeare himself. His evil is so infectious that the generations that studied him fell victim to his racism, sexism, power madness, evil scheming shrewdness and turned into madmen and women unable to discern right from wrong, good from bad and every nasty thing that you can imagine.

Wait a second, I studied Shakespeare in that system and learned the evils of social orders that victimized the common man for the greed, avarice and evil proclivities of ancient elites. We studied them and debated their thinking and their domination of the societies that they ruled over. We discussed and dissected their prose, their poetry and parsed their every verb. We analyzed them that their motives to death. Perhaps that is why we are as warped as we are – or perhaps that why we are as aware as we are. We studied the hogwash and political correctness of previous days, learned to recognize it and compare and contrast it to our present day. We learned to evaluate and compare, to dig deep and see manipulation when it happens.

Perhaps Ontario is afraid of a population that can see through the very shallow notions put forward against knowing wrong from right and recognizing government overreach and dictate that is clearly wrong. Better put the kibosh on that kind of learning. We might be able to think for ourselves and recognize the hogwash that the censors are promoting as good thinking for what it is – bafflegab and propaganda leading us to group think and slavery. Sorry Ontario – this stuff was tried before and after they finished burning the books and banning the thinkers, they herded them into extermination camps. Stop this madness before We The People rise up and overthrow you and your crap.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –
Please share this in every Province and every State. If Ontario falls, the rest will go as well.

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