Dr. Jim Garrow: Feint Praise – The Media Response To A Giant Win

Dr. Jim Garrow

Feint Praise – The Media Response To A Giant Win:

Only the left wing media of America can take “a giant step forward for mankind” and present it as another in a long list of faults and failings of the leader of the free world. And as if the derangement syndrome of which they are captive isn’t bad enough, now they are attempting to treat President Un of North Korea as if he is a petulant child. Not so fast we are on to your game.

I am referring in the previous paragraph to the presentation of the mendacious media of all things Trump. Given the fact that a treaty/understanding with any substance to it has to have both sides agreeing to the important parts and being viewed as at least equal participants. Even in this enormous “deal” and its ramifications for years to come, the media are quick to leap toward the dissolution of its effectiveness by trumpeting (yes I did use the word) the whole thing as a one sided affair. In their quite obvious need to rip President Trump a new one, they unfairly focus on this agreement as if it were only about Trump and thus stir the ire of the North Korean leader who, it would seem, is seen by the media as a fat guy working on a diet. Instead of reporting honestly on the victory for the Korean people and its regional allies and America as well, they bait the bull by waving a red flag that disingenuously makes the work of the President of North Korea look insignificant. The clear aim here is to diminish the long term success of these two leaders and the significant wisdom of both.

The false proclamations by the media of the “Trump victory” are merely Alinsky tactics used to undermine the very agreement itself. Their work is on the level of a question that leaves the questionee looking bad no matter the answer – like – “Are you still beating your wife?” – Its a no win. From my perspective at least I trust that the advisors to President Un are careful to focus on the insulting attempt of the western media to undermine President Trump by acting as if President Un himself is not worth much. Nothing could be further from the truth and both gentleman need to be reminded that We The People know better and respect highly the “win-win” that the two gentlemen have crafted. Congratulations President Un and President Un.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –