Dr. Jim Garrow: Knee Jerk Banners – If Its Jim Garrow We Must Ban It

Knee Jerk Banners – If Its Jim Garrow We Must Ban It:

Dr. Jim Garrow

Having been returned again to the open world of free thinkers on Facebook I must observe something at least hypocritical and at worst absolutely totalitarian. I was banned for publishing on Facebook what I learned directly from the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force regarding the Muslim murderer on the Danforth. The fact that what I published was reported in The Toronto Star, The Globe, and Mail and on radio and tv across the world seems to mean little to the knee-jerk banners at Facebook.

I had been in Facebook jail for 3 days for publishing a news report and was immediately put in Facebook jail for reporting what was on tv, radio and print media at the same time as I reported it. Whats interesting is that my protest published on Facebook (they let it through in spite of the ban) was a regurgitation of MSM reportage. They banned me, I objected, they relented and allowed me back on Facebook.

So my point is clear, for some the very fact that they post is immediate grounds for being accused of breaching Community Standards which in fact were never consulted. My protest seems to have carried some weight and voila I am back. Signal to all, banning some folks is the answer without any evidence to support the ban. Free speech would appear to mean nothing in the land of Zuckernazi who rules like the imperious twit that we know him to be. Never meet me in a public place Mark… you would never look the same again.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –