Dr. Jim Garrow: The National Embarrassment

The National Embarrassment:

Here and there pictures are surfacing of Democrats reacting to the actions of their titular leader Feinstein. The disapproval on their faces says much about the current romp through the cemetery of decency where many a past Democrats rotting carcass is buried.

One picture that I would covet would be that of current day Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas reacting to the attempted lynching of Brett Kavanaugh. Of all the people on the planet who can commiserate with Brett, its Clarence. If folks are pointing fingers at Kavanaugh for being too emotional in his own defence, they really need to see the reaction and vigour represented in the Thomas defence. Wow, you aint seen nothing till you see the reaction of Thomas against his accuser Anita Hill. Kavanaugh was mild by comparison.

But back to the reaction across the nation to the circus of the recent hearings. One person will walk away wounded but alive and proceeding to a seat on the Supreme Court and we know who that is. But one other person will walk away wounded mortally by her own actions to sit briefly in her position atop the Democratic Party mechanism. The wolves are circling and Feinstein’s days are numbered. She almost single handedly gave the victory in November to the Republicans. Actions have consequences and the reaction of the American public to the embarrassing treatment of Judge Kavanaugh is seething under the surface but will have a final bubble to the surface moment November 4th. What a great birthday present to have, the decimation of the arrogant Democrats and their erstwhile leader Feinstein. Thank You America – Make my day. 

– Dr. Jim Garrow

Dr. Jim Garrow

Dr. Jim Garrow is the Christian founder and executive director of The Bethune Institute, a charitable organization dedicated to advance education in China via teaching English, giving free books to poor Chinese, and medical scholarships. 

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