Drew Pooters

Passion for history, justice and liberty for all. Political correctness is that you can speak your mind, yet ignore those who don’t agree with you; it’s what good people die for every day- the right for all voices to be heard, regardless of message

What can I say? A Generalist in the land of Specialists! USAF Veteran 1983 – 1997, Desert Storm and Somalia, will call things what they are, and not avoid facts.
“Either lead, follow or get the hell out of my Goddamned way!” -George S. Patton

Drew Pooters: Liberals

Okay, let’s get started: With the underpinning of all liberal thought is that everything should be fair, and that people are inherently good, and they know better than everyone else as to how they should live, we’ll begin: Ask one just how they, in detail, will STOP guns from coming INTO the country if they…

Something to think about

Drew Pooters Something to think about; when South Carolina seceded, it thought the same thing as California thinks now: Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute, In recent years, left-wing groups have often been the driving force behind secession movements. This has been the case in Scotland, in Catalonia, and in California. In each…

Drew Pooters: On North Korea

On North Korea: When I see the Chinese leader Xi standing with Trump on the same side, I have to realize that: a) Trump made a great deal for them, B ) that deal will allow a regime change so they can keep North Korea and make it more friendly to the Chinese, and C)…