Chemtrail Report

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 8, 2018, #174

DaneWigington The human race continues to hit the accelerator as we head over the edge of the abyss. The weather-makers are fully utilizing their resources to engineer yet another winter weather eventover North America, “Winter Storm Diego”. Are environmental protection provisions being augmented? Or are they being completely gutted? The list of recent actions [READ MORE HERE]

Captured On Radar, Geoengineered Winter Weather Over Atlantic City

DaneWigington Geoengineering Watch has again captured radar animations that provegeoengineering operations are manufacturing “winter weather” over specific regions.The increasingly desperate and destructive operations being carried out by the weather-makers is far beyond alarming. Engineering “winterweather" events are one of the primary missions of the climate engineers as the abrupt climate collapse scenario continues to [READ MORE HERE]

Former Presidential Candidate Gives Exclusive Interview To Geoengineering Watch

DaneWigington Dr. Chuck Baldwin has a very long and impressive resume(also covered in Wikipedia), including being the 2008 presidential candidate for the Constitutional Party. In a world where preconception, ideologyand bias increasingly rule the day, Dr. Baldwin has long since been a courageous outspoken voice of reason and fact based conclusions. Dr. Baldwin's unyielding [READ MORE HERE]

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 1, 2018, #173

DaneWigington Each passing day on our planet is increasingly best described asgroundhog day in a global asylum. The more ominous the horizon becomes, the deeper into denial the majority of the population goes. Will a turning point come? Will unfolding conditions soon become so horrific that a forced wake-up in the population is triggered? [READ MORE HERE]

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 24, 2018, #172

DaneWigington Civilization is sinking in a rapidly rising sea of lies, deception and criminality. How many are fully focused on holiday dinners, parades and football games, even as the great unraveling of our paradigm accelerates exponentially? Many science sources are now finally acknowledging that they have greatly underestimated the severity of what is unfolding [READ MORE HERE]

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 17, 2018, #171

DaneWigington The true character of governments is becoming ever more visible as the walls begin to crumble on all sides. The climate engineeringcontinues unabated and unacknowledged. Record drought and record wildfires on the West coast, record flooding and engineered winter in the US East. Will California get rain soon? Only the geoengineers know what [READ MORE HERE]