Health Care

FDA now wants to force tanning bed users to sign ‘risk acknowledgement’ forms every six months, but requires no such forms for chemotherapy, pharma drugs

By By J. D. Heyes (NaturalNews) For some reason, the Obama administration can’t get enough of regulating just about everything it can possibly regulate, and with little thought to the hypocrisy of its actions or the impact they have on ordinary Americans.Now, as reported by the Washington Free… [READ MORE HERE] Source:: Natural News

Warning: Monsanto’s GMO soy could give you blue balls!

By By David Gutierrez, staff writer (NaturalNews) Bringing new meaning to the term blue balls, a study has shown that eating a diet containing genetically modified soy actually caused the testicles of rats to turn blue.The study is just one of many cited in a report by the Institute for Responsible Technology reviewing… [READ MORE…