Lawyer in 'gay' cake fight: Decision 'will impact for years'

When the United Kingdom’s Supreme Court ruled a Christian baker had the right to refuse a customer’s request to promote homosexuality through his work, it produced a sigh of relief for the baker.

But Sam Webster, the in-house solicitor who argued the case for the Christian Institute on behalf of Ashers Bakery, says the ruling will do much more than that.

“Principles from the Ashers case will impact other cases for years to come, not only in goods and services but also in other spheres,” he wrote in an analysis of the case on the institute’s website. “This is good news.

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Trump on caravan: 'This has nothing to do with asylum'

(BREITBART) – President Donald Trump expressed skepticism on Saturday about the conditions of the migrants traveling with caravans through Mexico to get to the United States.

“They’re talking about all their great fear, all their problems with their country, but they’re all waving their country’s flag. What is that all about?” Trump commented about the caravans as he left the White House on Saturday to visit the wildfire devastation in California.

“If they have such fear, such problems, and they hate their country, why do we see all the flags being waved for Guatemala or Honduras or El Salvador?”

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NRA suing state for infringing 2nd Amendment

Before the 2018 election, WND reported on a ballot initiative in Washington state that would withdraw Second Amendment rights from some adults, require gun buyers to give up their medical privacy and more.

The Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee For The Right to Keep And Bear Arms issued warnings.

But millions of dollars in campaign donations at the time from several anti-gun activists, including Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, swayed voters.

Now the approved initiative, No. 1639, is the subject of a lawsuit against the state.

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CBS’ Major Garrett Indirectly Criticizes Jim Acosta’s Behavior, And Makes Important Point About The Role Of Journalists

On Friday, CBS White House Correspondent Major Garrett spoke with Larry O’Connor on his radio show. During the segment, O’Connor asked Garrett about White House press room decorum, and CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s recent behavior.

Initially, Garrett noted that he doesn’t like to “critique other journalists in the way they ask and seek answers to their questions,” adding that he simply does his own work in the way he sees fit.

O’Connor then pressed him on Acosta, saying: [READ MORE HERE]