Backpacking on the Trans Catalina Trail (May 12-14, 2018)

A 3-day backpacking trip to hike on the Trans Catalina Trail located on Catalina Island off the Southern California coast.

Day 1: Took the Catalina Express ferry boat from the port in San Pedro to Two Harbors on Catalina Island. Hiked the Trans Catalina Trail as it followed the Silver Peak trail to our first night’s campground right on the beach at Parsons Landing. This trail was only 6.75 miles long, but it was steep going up and very steep coming down with poor/slippery footing due to loose gravel on the trail. However, the sights [READ MORE HERE]

Scenes to Remember – Little Harbor at Catalina Island

Scenes to Remember series are comprised of short clips of really pretty scenery with music in the background. Just some nice views from the sailboat. We will upload these in between our regular adventures. Thanks for watching! We absolutely LOVE sailing and we LOVE our part-time liveaboard sailboat, a Morgan 41 Out Island! Visit our…

Visiting Two Harbors Santa Catalina Island CA

A short video documenting a trip I took from Avalon to Two Harbors one afternoon.

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