Nunes: Mueller report 'tainted' by 'dossier'

(Washington Examiner) House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., revealed where in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report he says “Clinton dirt” tainted the Russia investigation.

During an interview on Fox News, hours after the 448-page report was released, Nunes pointed to a “hidden” passage on page 11 that addresses the scope memo for the yearslong investigation.

“When you look at what happened today, remember we talked a lot about the scope memo. What were the directions given to the special counsel? Well, we now know hidden on page 11, very thinly, still veiled, but we now know they used the Steele [READ MORE HERE]

Dems look elsewhere after 'collusion' failure

(Washington Examiner) Congressional Democrats are poised to dig deeper into President Trump’s finances following the Thursday release of the Mueller report.

While much of the political focus around Trump’s finances has centered around his tax returns, other investigations into his business dealings and income may progress more quickly, and even possibly yield Trump’s tax information before Democrats’ attempt to demand his tax returns can be hashed out.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee subpoenaed Trump’s accounting firm late last month. On Monday the House Financial Services Committee and House Intelligence Committee jointly subpoenaed Trump’s regular lender, Germany-based Deutsche Bank, among other demands [READ MORE HERE]

Limbaugh: Here Are The Two Lines From The Mueller Report Media Is Using To Create More Fake News

On his radio program Thursday, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh offered a one-sentence summary of the 400+ page final report by Robert Mueller that took two years to compile: “We found no evidence of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign, period, and we don’t have enough to say that there was any obstruction of justice.” But, Limbaugh suggested, the media just c [READ MORE HERE]

WATCH: College Students Asked If MAGA Hats Are The New KKK Hoods

Is the MAGA hat the new KKK white hood? A few college students at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) seem to think so.

In a series of man-on-the-street interviews by Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform and YouTuber Mike Ayetiwa, students at UNLV were asked if the red “Make America Great Again” hat is a hateful symbol that strikes the same fear in the hearts of people as the KKK hood would. Take a look: [READ MORE HERE]