DRAGGED ANCHOR in Little Harbor!

The Tula Shop – Little Harbor in the Bahamas is an amazing place to check out between Pete’s Pub, the cave, beautiful beach and neat little harbor. We could have spent a week here exploring!!

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iPad mini 3 (we use Navionics app [READ MORE HERE]

Emerald Bay – Catalina

Emerald Bay is a beautiful stretch of beach with 100 moorings on the west end of Catalina near Two Harbors. The Boy Scouts of America operates Camp Emerald Bay at Johnsons Landing the main beach on Emerald Bay. Just east of the Johnsons Landing is a wide sandy beach with plenty of room to relax without many people around. This area truly is one of the most beautiful mooring spots on the island because the water is that special turquoise which at times gives you the feeling you are relaxing off of some Caribbean island. It’s a sandy bottom so [READ MORE HERE]

Sailing to Two Harbors, Catalina – Memorial Day Weekend 2018 – Dana 24

We sail Keeldragger, a Pacific Seacraft Dana 24, from Dana Point, California to Two Harbors, Catalina Island. Although there is a Small Craft Advisory, winds are light for most of the trip to the island (building later in the afternoon). We spot several Dolphins, including Risso’s Dolphins, and a Mola Mola. Fortunately, we were able to get a mooring at the Isthmus without having a reserveration (the captain fell asleep before booking and they sold out for the Holiday weekend). We enjoyed a few drinks on the island, went for a snorkeling adventure, had [READ MORE HERE]

Backpacking Catalina Island

After finishing my bike tour in Long Beach, I took a boat to Catalina Island and from Avalon to Two Harbors. I generally was on the Trans Catalina Trail, but I did go off trail for a few sections. I didn’t hike the entire TCT to Starlight Beach due to timing on boat rides, and I made other plans.

Camera: Sony rx100 ii
Music: Monster Rally [READ MORE HERE]